Piety, breaking the EGO barrier

Photo by Michaela Murphy on UnsplashAnd to love mercy and to walk humbly with God.

You may ask me: hey in the image above you have words: mercy, humbly, and God. But where is piety? One of the means of “piety” is mercy, it´s about to have pity the suffering of others, or demonstrating love for religious things.

But I confess what piety, really is, confuses me.

In the first letter, Timothy -6,6, tells us: “No doubt, great source of profits is Piety when accompanied by the spirit of detachment”. But let me ask you how the demonstration of love for religious things or compassion for the other's suffering, could make you rich.

Let´s leave religiosity, aside for a while and think about a term very popular nowadays: “Empathy”- Put yourself in the other's place, try to feel, and be comprehensive. If you read, carefully, these terms are quite similar to what was said in the 1st paragraph.

But at least now one thing gets a little clearer to me, piety breaks the EGO barrier, putting others in the center. But how could it be a source of profits? And we are talking about profits strictly, only financial? And what about branding, knowledge, and other measures of wealth.

Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

Let´s keep it simple and talk only about money. When you´ve piety from other´s suffering this could be the key to your success, because sometimes what makes people get in trouble are sources of opportunities. I mean markets inefficiencies that often offer great opportunities.

Hey, I´m telling you to look with a detachment at the others and try to feel their pain. In the route, you try to help them or only listen carefully, you might discover precious treasures. But this may request from you some abilities like faith, temperance, patience, and charity.

Oh man, wait! But you put a lot of virtues above, it's pretty impossible to practice all of them 24/7 (hours/day). I agree, my friend, and now seems to me that the real meaning of Piety is trying to practice all these virtues.

Photo by 30daysreplay Social Media Marketing on Unsplash

Seems to me like a daily exercise; Not the destination, but the way! So enjoy it!




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